Application Process

Accreditation of a new program

The application process for accreditation of a new program begins 24 months prior to the planned commencement of the program.  This first step involves the Education Provider contacting the Council to register their intention to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to accredit a new program.  The Council will provide a user Login, giving access to the on-line application form.

Once the Council has given approval to proceed to accreditation, the Education Provider is required to lodge the detailed Application for Accreditation. This must be submitted at least 18 months prior to the planned program commencement. After an initial review of the application, the Council will prepare a report and conduct a site visit.

Accreditation of a new program will always have conditions in place in relation to graduate outcomes and benchmarking, as the required evidence to meet these elements can only be provided once students advance through, or graduate from, the program.

Re-accreditation of a continuing program

Nine months prior to the expiration of the program's Accreditation, the Education Provider is required to apply for re-accreditation.  This is a comprehensive application to commence a new accreditation cycle and will include a site visit.  

The maximum period for which a program can successfully gain re-accreditation is five years. This period may be less if there are any major changes to the program, or other circumstances that impact on the accreditation decision, such as conditions.

Annual Reporting 

As part of ongoing monitoring requirements, Education Providers are required to submit an Annual Report, including information regarding:

  • student  enrolment data;
  • program outcomes, benchmarking;
  • evidence of clinical placements;
  • response to any  'Actions required' from the previous report;
  • progress towards any existing conditions on accreditation;
  • notification 12 months in advance of any planned major changes to the program; and
  • other reporting that may be identified by the Council as part of audit procedures.

The schedule of accreditation fees is available here.

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