Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Accreditation

The Council’s Role in CPD Accreditation

As the only accreditation authority for Physiotherapy Practitioner Programs in Australia, the Council has expertise in quality assuring education and training specifically targeted at meeting the needs of physios and the physiotherapy profession.

Council’s Accreditation Service

The Council provides an accreditation service for CPD activities aimed at enhancing the knowledge and skills of physios, leading to improved health outcomes for the community. The Council plays a vital role in setting standards, assuring quality and championing continuous improvement. Programs are assessed using a peer review process, providing feedback from a senior academic and/or clinical practitioner.


Accreditation provides a benchmark for the physiotherapy profession, assuring participants that a CPD activity has been assessed against a set of standards and will add value to a physio’s development. Accredited programs will be promoted via the Council website.

What Programs can be Accredited?

Accreditation may be granted for a range of education and training activities, such as:

  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Online learning packages; or
  • Short courses.

The Council reserves the right to refuse both application and accreditation of any activity put forward for accreditation.

I’m an Education Provider, Where Do I Start?

If you are an Education Provider and have any interest in having your program assessed for accreditation, my name is Leanne and I would be delighted to help you in any way I can. Please feel free to email me at accreditation@physiocouncil.com.au and I will call you back so we can explore and clarify your expectations and requirements, the nature of the process and provide indicative timelines.

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Program Assessment

The Three Pillars – Content, Delivery & Evaluation


  • The purpose of the CPD activity is clearly defined and is relevant to the physiotherapy profession
  • The intended target audience is identified, including the level of the activity i.e. entry-level, experienced, advanced practice
  • The CPD activity is defined by a statement of specific learning outcomes
  • Content is based on critical evaluation of relevant literature and/or evidence-based practice
  • Conflicts of interest are disclosed


  • The CPD activity is facilitated by persons with relevant experience and/or qualifications that exceed the content level of the activity
  • Methods of delivery are based on principles of adult learning
  • Instructional materials are of an appropriate technical quality, current in content, include references and are dated
  • Learning is either monitored or assessed to determine if learning outcomes are achieved


  • Participants are given the opportunity to participate in evaluation and feedback of the activity
  • Activities designed for repeated delivery must be subject to periodic review by the provider and incorporate relevant feedback from previous evaluations

The Process

Expression of interest from Provider
Discussions with Council

Council develops proposal for services

Agreement for services

Education Provider submits Accreditation Application

Assessors (2) review application and report feedback to provider, further information may be requested

Decision statement and final report prepared

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