Eshan Sandanayake

General Manager Corporate Services, Company Secretary & Deputy CEO

Eshan brings a dynamic gamut of expertise and capabilities to the Council. With over twenty years of professional experience spanning three continents, Eshan is accustomed to working with diverse cultural groups and across many layers of the organisational structure. Knowledge in finance, risk, project, and human resource management as well as corporate governance in both the commercial and non-profit sectors, has enabled Eshan to manage diverse functions and engage with key stakeholders.

Prior to joining the Council as the General Manager Corporate Services and Company Secretary, Eshan worked as the Business Operations Manager at Earthwatch Australia, the Financial Controller at Australian Communities Foundation and as a finance manager in Australia and overseas. Having gained a Master’s in Management from the University of Melbourne, Eshan has also completed the AICD’s Company Directors Course. In addition to the portfolio of responsibilities within the Council, Eshan was appointed Deputy CEO in 2022.

The desire to empower people and strive toward organisational growth has shaped Eshan’s management and leadership style. For him, the success of the people around him matters just as much as his own success. While aspiring to make a meaningful change in every assignment picked up, Eshan has a deep desire to see good ethics and best practices across all areas of work.

Being part of the Village means…

Being a part of a great team that is immensely talented and hard-working. Eshan considers his colleagues to be exceptional professionals and enjoys working with each one of them.

Beyond the Council…

While known for his quick wit, kind heart and epic dad jokes saturated with puns, Eshan is a family man and has a passion for social justice. Having led cricket teams, Eshan is a sports enthusiast who enjoys swimming and playing tennis and golf.

Fellow Villagers

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