Darren Lee

General Manager – Assessments

With a comprehensive understanding and applied knowledge of social and public health policy analysis, planning, and development, policy wonk Darren Lee has devoted the best part of the last decade to the physiotherapy profession.

After completing his conscription in Singapore’s National Service, Darren, being drawn to liberal arts, went on to study media and communications and later completed a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne.

His journey in policy began with his work with the Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association (APNA) during the National Health Reform, which purposed a holistic understanding of the health system in Australia. During this time, he helped formulate recommendations and advocated on behalf of primary health care nurses.

Moving from one essential healthcare profession to another, Darren later represented physiotherapists within public policy and advocacy at the Australian Physiotherapy Association where he remained for five years.

Exposure to the work of physiotherapists in Australia enabled his seamless transition into the Australian Physiotherapy Council to oversee its assessment function in 2014. As a quick learner with no prior knowledge in assessments, Darren’s analytical and non-linear thinking benefited the Council with a fresh perspective into assessments and stretched the innovative scope of the department. Leading the Assessment department today, Darren still applies what he learnt in policy, which he describes as ‘reading – a lot, facilitating discussion, synthesising ideas… and applying some common sense’.

Darren is extraordinarily skilled, dependable, and humble. Known to have “more skills than Bunnings have tools”, an ability to see the big picture and predict outcomes of any given solution path, Darren is profoundly respected for his input by the team at the Council.

Being part of the Village means…

Having a home away from home. In Darren’s opinion very few organisations live out their values as the Village does; it is much more than catchy writing on the wall, the team truly pursues to embody it. No village is ever perfect, but he insists that this Village is amongst the better ones.

Beyond the Council…

Darren is a compulsive reader and loves traveling, photography and architecture.

He cherishes his wife and son, and time spent with them anywhere would be what he calls his ‘happy place’.

Fellow Villagers

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