2017: The Year of the How

December 24th, 2017

Anton Barnett-Harris

Chief Executive Officer

Australian Physiotherapy Council

This is the email I sent our Village today.  I thought it might resonate with others, so I decided to publish it.

With the Festive Season upon us and 2017 drawing to a close, it’s my pleasure to reflect on the extraordinary year we have had here at the Council; a year of unprecedented growth and change.

This year we have built a Village within our Council that proudly puts you all and the people we are privileged to engage with, first.  In 2017 we made a commitment that customer-centricity is not a laudable (albeit empty) slogan, but rather our way of being.  From this moment on, everything we do, every interaction we have, every improvement, every outfacing communication we generate, is now tested against that exacting benchmark.  If we’re not being people-obsessed…then we’re simply not doing enough.

It’s been a year of amazing achievements across the board. We’ve undertaken a wholesale re-brand; we’ve completely re-imagined our website; we’ve showcased inspirational stories of some of our international physios who’ve courageously made lives for themselves and their families in Australia; we’ve exponentially improved the customer journey for our candidates; we’ve streamlined the accreditation process for our esteemed Education Providers; we’ve built a bespoke state of-the-art simulation Lab that provides a clinically authentic assessment environment and truncates waiting lists for our overseas-qualified physios; we’ve invested in leading edge technologies and innovation to remain ahead of the curve; we’ve been true to our values and championed excellence at every turn; and we have looked beyond our shores to develop strategic partnerships and consolidate our position as a Leader and Influencer not only in our region, but in the global physiotherapy and assessment/accreditation space.

Alone, each of these accomplishments are impressive. Cumulatively, they represent a record of transformation and achievement.  But ultimately, they personify where our organisational attention now lies.  We’ve always had razor sharp focus around what we do and why we do it, but this year has in so many ways been the year of the  How.

How  we engage, how  we better serve our stakeholders, how  we respond to feedback, how  we build a nourishing culture from the top down and from the inside out and how  we make our Village a cohesive, innovative, supportive workplace that demands our best and more importantly, inspires our best.

This year we had an organisational light-bulb moment.  We recognised that our existence isn’t an entitlement, but something we’re dedicated to earning, each and every day. Essentially, we committed to achieving the greatest possible impact with the greatest possible empathy.

With our promise to think bigger and innovate to create value – as well as being constantly inspired by your  vision, output, collective motivation, enthusiasm, intense commitment, teamwork and sheer talent – we are well on the way to delivering significant growth and improvement for all those whose lives we touch.

To my fellow Villagers, please make sure you stay safe while you enjoy some well-deserved rest with your friends and loved ones.  I couldn’t be more excited about what’s in store for 2018 and for the privilege to work and grow with all of you.

Thank you so much again and my very warmest regards,


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